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Kickstart's Anthology is published check our Smashwords for your e-version


Now we need a committee to start on the second anthology.  Building the writer's resume and getting the words out.    


We now meet every Tuesday.  The next meeting will be a creative meet to share our new inspiration, Flash-fiction pieces and many other projects.   

Writers Kickstart is to motivate and help writers become authors

NEXT MEETING TUESDAY 4/22/14 at 6:30 pm

Haggen Foods Cafe

Snohomish, WA



We are beginning the selection and editing process on ANTHOLOGY #3.  NEED EDITORS, PLEASE VOLUNTEER




We Kickstarters have made it through winter and watch the sun blind us as it sets in Snohomish.  Many of the regulars were there and we shared our accomplishments, soon to be accomplishments and dilemmas looking for sage advice.  We jumped right into the Prompts.  Dave O told a raucous story a 21st birthday at Chucky Cheese.  What began as a lovely celebration with friends and family quickly became an exploding rainbow of food color and then a police escort and a $300 bill for damages.  Next time someone turns 21 they will go somewhere with a full bar.  He then shared two chapters written by his nephew from Michigan.  It was a well thought out story of orphans and bread that gave us all hope seeing a budding talent with skills beyond his years with his insight and rebellion.  Steve gave us a tale of Andy, a brilliant sculptor trying to involve the art community in construction of its own building.  Plenty of vocal support but beau racy wins out again, but there is no putting that idea back in the bottle.  Dave again entertained and provoked thought about honesty in simple bites, hiding identity with fashion and the need to let the angry leave when they start to go.  None of us wants our suspenders wrapped around anyone’s neck.  Orion shared a wonderfully creative memory of a creative and like spirit.  Margie repurposed dolls to the historical era she loved and built medieval villages and markets bringing her brilliance and good humor to the local market.  The work it involved to create and to save.  It was a touching memory and I thank you again for sharing. Bob brought Lori’s next adventure and the results when no one listens to her about “Don’t feed the Krev”.  Apparently, he likes arms more than ham sandwiches and the bacteria in his mouth would eat through a toothbrush and neutralize Listerine.  There is a vaccine, but not on this planet. Last was Toni, she gave us a young girl isolated and chained in the dark who was able to soar, and begin to survive riding on a sunbeam crossing mountains and deserts engaging her mind and learning that there is no room big enough to ever contain her. 

The next prompts are:  It’s My Nature, It’s a Fine Establishment, and/or The Trouble Started on the Freeway.  535 words or less.

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We are local writers meeting together for inspiration
 and sharing experiences with the art of writing and the pain of publishing.

We have two sections every other Tuesday the Creative group meets discussing different topics and sharing our projects and 500 word or less writing exercises.  This is a very casual group led by Toni.

 On the alternative Tuesday the project group meet and share the books and articles that are underway.  We team up, and read offering suggestions, encouragement or a cookie.    


We meet at 6:30 PM until around 8PM.

                 Haggens Foods Cafe

                    1301 Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290





The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest 

Is up and running with a series of free workshops.  Publishing is changing and they are driving to be at the front by sharing skills, and workshops.  

VISIT:  www. WCPNW.coop



               THIS WEEKS WRITING EXERCISE aka PROMPT -chose 1, 2 or all three.  They can also be combined


 It’s My Nature

 It’s a Fine Establishment


The Trouble Started on the Freeway

Pick one or more, you can even combine them.  To be shared at the 4/22/14 meetup.  



 Haggens Food Cafe

6:30 pm

           1301 Ave. D - Snohomish, WA