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Need editors for Anthology #2  Also submissions are closing so get on it blue bonnet!   :o)

Wild Words

Kickstart's Anthology is published check our Smashwords for your e-version


Now we need a committee to start on the second anthology.  Building the writer's resume and getting the words out.    


We now meet every Tuesday.  The next meeting will be a creative meet to share our new inspiration, Flash-fiction pieces and many other projects.   

Writers Kickstart is to motivate and help writers become authors

NEXT MEETING TUESDAY 7/29/14 at 6:30 pm

Haggen Foods Cafe

Snohomish, WA



We are beginning the selection and editing process on ANTHOLOGY #2.  NEED EDITORS, PLEASE VOLUNTEER


We had a great group, some of our new voices were MIA and missed.  We know that Orion is on chapter 11 of her collaboration with her son, Susan published this week and a lot more going on.  We hopped right on the prompts.  Orion went first with a poem.  She had a list of villains and the moral of the story, without villains there are no heros, just guys in funny outfits.  Rob/Bob was on chapter 27 and his sci-fi is becoming quite the bodice ripper.  We have Dr. Ken and Lori enjoying a remote cabin and the intrusion of a ranger.  David O a real melodrama, really.  He was working as a stage crew member with his daughter’s theater group, and was suddenly a stand in for the villain, mostly because he fit the costume, and half knowing the lines and a talent for ad lib makes for a raucous night.  Steve had a touching tale of  Roy meeting a homeless man.  He has an automatic reaction, and through an insightful personal dialogue, he searches his memory for a base cause and finally recognizes his personal good fortune.  With a final recognition of the political shame of the whole situation.  Dave the Poet had a group of odes starting with a mermaid named McGee and her fated transfer from the freezing north sea to the wonders of the Salish Sea.  He then transferred us to a ship of fools which can bring its own fear.  He also had a clever tale of a rascal starting in bars moving his way to villain.  He then shared a prose piece about Peter a marine biologist from the dusty lands near the border and how his childhood friends changed with the passage of time and circumstance.  Toni finished the night with a heart broken man waiting for the boat to the otherside recognizing that it is the little things that make a life spectacular and not the job and money. 

The prompts for August 5th, get your pencils ready-It Was Not What You Think, Wrong Suit Case and/or The Coming Years.  500 words or less.  If you can’t attend, please email it over to be read.  

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We are local writers meeting together for inspiration
 and sharing experiences with the art of writing and the pain of publishing.

We have two sections every other Tuesday the Creative group meets discussing different topics and sharing our projects and 500 word or less writing exercises.  This is a very casual group led by Toni.

 On the alternative Tuesday the project group meet and share the books and articles that are underway.  We team up, and read offering suggestions, encouragement or a cookie.    


We meet at 6:30 PM until around 8PM.

                 Haggens Foods Cafe

                    1301 Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290






The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest 


VISIT:  www. WCPNW.coop

               THIS WEEKS WRITING EXERCISE aka PROMPT -chose 1, 2 or all three.  They can also be combined


My Success as a Villan

 Standing on the Saltwater Shore of the Salish Sea

and/or You People Scare Me Now  

Pick one or more, you can even combine them.  To be shared at the Tuesday 7/22/14 meetup





 Haggens Food Cafe

6:30 pm

           1301 Ave. D - Snohomish, WA