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 Anthology #2  Please get your submissions in ASAP

Wild Words

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Now we need a committee to start on the second anthology.  Building the writer's resume and getting the words out.    


We now meet every Tuesday.  The next meeting will be a creative meet to share our new inspiration, Flash-fiction pieces and many other projects.   

Writers Kickstart is to motivate and help writers become authors

NEXT MEETING TUESDAY 8/25/14 at 6:30 pm

Haggen Foods Cafe

Snohomish, WA



We are beginning the selection and editing process on ANTHOLOGY #2.  NEED SUBMISSIONS 

Creative section       8/19/2014

Small group of literary sailors met at our port o call, Haggen’s Deli.  We had a nice gathering of regulars.  We did miss those of you who are MIA.  Our prompts started with Steve and his humorous and touching story of Shel and his second Ruby’s lives and struggles with health, aging, and eroticism.  This was a frustrating study of Dick and Jane’s quest for Oh Oh Oh.  Steve assured us that he is busy editing his ongoing Ruby Chronicles to a book.  We moved to Bob and Dr. Harris and Lori’s romantic moon inspired connection.  His parents surprised them with a visit at the cabin and were only supportive of their son’s inter species romp.  They realize there are few restaurants that they can go to for a quiet dinner with his sweet blue alien.  After the parents leave, there is a warning of an intruder, who must have been surprised when he was beamed into a security-holding cell.  Bob also is working on anthology two from many of our prompts.  It is not too late to submit, Lavon has offered to help edit.  We moved to Orion, she advised that the new project she is working on with her son is on chapter 17 and she is very excited and inspired by the work.  In her prompt, she has Tessa creeping outside in the darkest part of the night, while Riley sleeps.  She reminisces over the morning and their eminent escape from Paris, when she hears barking dogs and suddenly she is unconscious.  Dave the poet brought the wrong folder and hastily tried to recover some of the prose he had written for the Meetup.  He imagined Snoopy’s literary challenges and Lucy’s ongoing love and hate of her baby brother, Linus.  There was also a quick visit with Al Capp and Little Abner and Alexander’s discovery that to be a cartoonist is a labor of love and art.  In a poetic turn, Toni took the group on a sleepless night and creeping about the house looking for and trying to encourage sleep in a silent world. 

Next meet up prompts are:  Jangled Nerves, Surrounded in Darkness, and A Trade.  500 words, you can do it, pen to paper, digits to keys it is the time of year to revisit your creative side.  

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We are local writers meeting together for inspiration
 and sharing experiences with the art of writing and the pain of publishing.

We have two sections every other Tuesday the Creative group meets discussing different topics and sharing our projects and 500 word or less writing exercises.  This is a very casual group led by Toni.

 On the alternative Tuesday the project group meet and share the books and articles that are underway.  We team up, and read offering suggestions, encouragement or a cookie.    


We meet at 6:30 PM until around 8PM.

                 Haggens Foods Cafe

                    1301 Avenue D, Snohomish, WA 98290






The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest 


VISIT:  www. WCPNW.coop

               THIS WEEKS WRITING EXERCISE aka PROMPT -chose 1, 2 or all three.  They can also be combined


Darkest Part of Night

 Forgiving Fingers

and/or Ambivalent Vilification

Pick one or more, you can even combine them.  To be shared at the Tuesday 8/19/14 meetup





 Haggens Food Cafe

6:30 pm

           1301 Ave. D - Snohomish, WA